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  1. My name is Óscar Méndez Albano.
    I recently discored your blog since I saw your name as a follower of mine (desde dentro del vestuario).
    Just wanted to congratulate you since I found it very interesting and wanted to reach contact with you to exchange opinions, information, etc because I see you understand its methodology quite well.
    Again, it´s a pleasure to read your blog and I am at your request for anything you want to talk about not only of Tactical Periodization but of training in general.
    Kindest regards
    Oscar Méndez Albano.

    1. Thank you for your kind feedback Óscar. I'm glad you've found my blog useful. It'd be a pleasure to discuss and share things with you.
      You can contact me directly at valeriy.fomenkov@msn.com

  2. Hello Veleriy
    Congratulations for the site and for disclose this methodology in English. There is still little information in English about this concept, to be available to the whole world and not only for Portuguese and Brazilians.
    I am also a coach, studying this area for years and developing a project about it. But for now just in Portuguese. Maybe someday it could be fully translated to English. You can find it at: www.sabersobreosabertreinar.com
    Ricardo Ferreira

  3. Valeriy, congratulations! this is one of the best blogs i have ever seen... thank you for sharing the info with us.


  4. I have to agree with the other comments, really nice work!
    I´m coaching a team in Sweden and by some extent I have always had this idea about tactical periodization but now I can structure my work better. Thanks to you!
    I´m always interested in learning more and now I´m trying to work out how to get the principles and sub-principles for my game model. How should one cathegorize them? Which ones are sub-principles and sub-sub-principles?

    Cheers Rob

    1. Thank you Rob!
      Great principles are general principles of play such as Mobility. Mobility refers to the players' off-the-ball movements, so the sub-principles for mobility could be overlapping run, diagonal run, third man run, etc. (depends on what's implemented in your model of play). Timing of the runs would be the sub-sub-principle.

      Also read this article: http://valeriyfomenkov.blogspot.com/2012/04/fractionation-of-principles.html

    2. Thanks!
      Then the model/style you choose determines what principles you use. I would like to discuss this further and would like to get some help. Would it be possible to send you my model of play and my cathagorization of principles to see if I get it right?


    3. I'd be glad to help you Rob. My email: valeriy.fomenkov@msn.com

  5. Really good work Valeriy! I really appreciate your work! I visit your blog almost everyday!

    I have a game model as well, but like Rob, I am not sure if it is designed correctly - with regards to the sub-principles. I have read all your posts again and again trying to understand. I don't know if you can help me and see if it is correctly built?

    Thanks in advance
    Danish youth coach

    1. Hello Peter,
      Send me your game model to valeriy.fomenkov@msn.com. I'll try to help you out.

    2. okay, thanks a lot

  6. Every comment is spot on, tremendous blog! Great information for coaches on every aspect of the game. Like the guys have previously posted about a game model, as a young coach at the age of 16 i have just achieved 2 of my coaching badges! However i have a way/idea and style of football i'd like to play, i'm still not sure how to put this into a game model as such? If you could help me put together a game model or just advice on how to do so it would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks, Nathan Brown.

  7. Great blog Valeriy!!

    I remember well and was a great fan of the great Lobanovskyi D. Kiev teams.
    Do you have any material on Lobanovskyi's methods or do know of any good sources (books, web) to study his methods?

    Thanks for all you do and share!


    1. Hi, Nuno

      I have a lot of information on Lobanovskyi methods, but it's in Russian. If you still want it, I can send it to you.

  8. Hey Valeriy. It's great to read your blog. The exercises and the principles behind them are very thorough and detail. I just wanted to ask you when will you be uploading the counter attacking exercises?